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Author: Behrooz Hussaini

How to Prevent Windows 10 from Going to Sleep in 4 quick and easy steps

there are various ways to prevent windows from going to sleep, I show you some methods and just select the one that best suits you. First method: open start menu and select “Settings” After that select the "System" from the top left corner. and then select " Power & Sleep" option from left panel.   here is the final step to finish to the job, just set your preferred time in right panel under the "Screen" and "Sleep"...

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how to check if windows is 32 bits or 64 Bits (Fastest way)

when you want to upgrade your system, want to install a software or download drivers for the hardware since the 64bits hardware drivers do not work with 32bit Opersting system it’s very important to know whether your system is 32bits or 64bits. specially when you install a software it’s always good to install the 64bits system if system supports because it’s almost double faster than 32bits, if I talk about advantages of 64bits system, it’s a lot to write. in order to know if your windows is 64 or 32, you need to view the windows system properties, but...

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How to Fix windows explorer not responding, crashing or stopped working error

In this howto tutorial I’ll show you the easiest way to fix the problem of windows explorer cashing, not responding or “Windows explorer stopped working” error especially when creating, moving or renaming folders. The methods below work in all version windows although in this tutorial I use windows 10. Common problem of windows explorer.exe Explorer encounters error and stop working when are working a lot with photos, videos and other medias in the folder and windows explorer creates a lot of thumbnails of those medias, it happens that an image or any other media is corrupted and when explorer...

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How to find Saved Wi-Fi Password on Windows 10

Wi-Fi Passwords are not visible when you are not connected to them but here we show you a trick to view them even when you are not connected to them. Frist let’s see how to view Wi-Fi key when are you connected by simply clicking few times. This method works on windows 7, 8, vista and 10. right click on Wi-Fi Icon on the notification area and select “Open Network and Sharing Center” in th “Network and Sharing Center” you can see the list of all the network that your are connected to. under “View Your Active networks” on...

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search in windows explorer like pro

searching in windows file explorer is very easy and simply you can search for your file by typing in Search box but there are tips and tricks for advanced users which they can search like a  pro. use logical operators such as “AND” “OR” and ” NOT”  and make sure to type them in all capital letters when using. Eg: Operator example how it works AND roses and Daisy look for both Roses and Daisy keywords OR Roses OR Daisy look for the files which contain either of the keywords NOT Roses NOT Daisy  look for the file which contains...

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