when you want to upgrade your system, want to install a software or download drivers for the hardware since the 64bits hardware drivers do not work with 32bit Opersting system it’s very important to know whether your system is 32bits or 64bits. specially when you install a software it’s always good to install the 64bits system if system supports because it’s almost double faster than 32bits, if I talk about advantages of 64bits system, it’s a lot to write.

in order to know if your windows is 64 or 32, you need to view the windows system properties, but it’s slightly different ways to view it depending on your windows version.

method 1:

the easiest method is to use a shortcut to open system properties, use (windows key + pause/break key)   it pops up system properties like a magic

method 2

this method is also the fastest method and works in all versions of windows just press (windows key  + E)  to open “My computer” or in  windows 10 “this PC”
just right click on “This PC” on windows 10 or “My Computer” in previous version of windows and select “Properties”

It Pops up the System Properties like the Snapshot on method 1

method 3

this method is without shortcut just Open Start menu in windows 7 and vista and right click on “computer” and select properties

This will open your system information window. Underneath the System header, you can find the either 32-bit or 64-bit listed next to System type.