In this howto tutorial I’ll show you the easiest way to fix the problem of windows explorer cashing, not responding or “Windows explorer stopped working” error especially when creating, moving or renaming folders. The methods below work in all version windows although in this tutorial I use windows 10.

Common problem of windows explorer.exe

Explorer encounters error and stop working when are working a lot with photos, videos and other medias in the folder and windows explorer creates a lot of thumbnails of those medias, it happens that an image or any other media is corrupted and when explorer tries to fetch the thumbnail it stops working.

Let’s first try this method:

First method:

  Step 1

Press “windows logo key + E”   or Open My Computer

Click on “File” Tab, on the windows 10 and select “Change folder and search options”


On the windows 7 click on Organize tab and then on “Folder and search options”

  Step 2

After “Folder Option” window is opened click on the clear button

After that click on “View” Tab of “Folder options”

Click on the option “Always show icons, never thumbnails” and Tick it as shown above.

Then click apply and Ok you are done!!!

Method Two

Normally the above method solves the problem but if not try the bellow method.

Press    or click on start menu and in the search box find “cmd”

Right click on “Command Prompt” and select “run as Administrator”

Inside the cmd type sfc /scannow and press Enter on the keyboard.

This command scans your files and tries to fix them.

That’s all for today I hope the problem fixes and get rid of frustration.

Thanks for reading my Article