You can set a numeric PIN to your user account in windows 10 to quickly unlock your PC, so you don’t have to type a long password each time you login to your PC, although there are other methods available such as drawing a pattern of gestures on a picture or if you equip your PC with a finger print.

To add a security pin to your account

Open the “Start Menu” click on “Settings” app, and click on the “Accounts” and then click on “Sign-in options” on the left you can click on “add” button. You may be prompted to verify your account, just enter your account password.

set up pen to windows 10

If prompted to verify your account password, enter your local or Microsoft account password and tap on “OK”.


PIN-Sign-in-windows 10

After verification, enter a pin in the dialog box. The minimum length for pin is four digits (0-9) but no maximum length.

set up pin windows 10

It’s good to consider to choose a pin that is long but easy to remember hard to guess for others.

Note: don’t choose a pin like (0000’ 1234, 1111) they are easy to guess and put your security on risk.