searching in windows file explorer is very easy and simply you can search for your file by typing in Search box but there are tips and tricks for advanced users which they can search like a  pro.

  • use logical operators such as “AND” “OR” and ” NOT”  and make sure to type them in all capital letters when using.


Operator example how it works
AND roses and Daisy look for both Roses and Daisy keywords
OR Roses OR Daisy look for the files which contain either of the keywords
NOT Roses NOT Daisy  look for the file which contains Roses but not the file Daisy

if you are looking for a specific file type such as JPG, mp3, docx, etc you can use WildCards


use wildcard to search

type *.jpg followed by the name of the file, it narrows down your seach to find it faster, but if you type *.jpg it lists all the jpg files.

  • Use “kind” keyword

search by kind

like the previous example the keyword also search by file type but here the benefit is that if you don’t know the file extension such as jpg, docx etc but you know its a picture or document the you can simply use “kind” keyword to list all files with the type you specifiy.

  • use quotes to find the exact much

when you enclose you search keyword with quotes like ” yellow flowers” it looks up the file with exact matching but if you search without quotes it look for the “yellow” and flowers or any combination that contains these words

its useful when you know the exact file name and search will be very fast


  • Use Filters

it’s a nice feature that helps you look for your file efficient.


click on the search box and type “datetaken:” don’t forget the colon “:” then select from the available options bellow.

add filters to windows search - datetaken

you can use multiple search filters to or even mix the filters together to further narrow your search.

use search filters - narrow search

depending on where you search, there are certain search filters that are available, it means there are search filters in pictures library that are not available in documents library.